Sergio Zampieri -Delfini-

Sergio Zampieri (1968, Roma)


oil on canvas


60×80 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on back; certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Sergio Zampieri’s pictorial wave takes us directly to the concrete. Beyond the labels, styles or other, the work of Zampieri tells us about life in its fullness. The vehemence of its intense atmospheres of color speaks the language of passion and the echo invades our attention. But it is not a desperate, gloomy language, on the contrary the vividness of the colors, the softness of the exotic figures, announce a positive message of hope. It is as if the works took the reins of emotions and steered them in the positive direction, the direction of the will to live. Beyond the purely technical aspects of Sergio Zampieri’s art, the desire to live must in fact be accentuated, which, like a thread of Ariadne, accompanies us towards the artist’s most profound message. His painting has value essentially in the representation of a sensuality and a spirituality harmonically fused in a language that does not allow dispersion since every element is necessary and participates in the composition, satisfying the eye and the mind. (Luigi Di Berardino – Art Editor)