Mauro Falcioni -Come tu mi vuoi-

Mauro Falcioni (1978, Matelica – Italy)

“Come tu mi vuoi”

Acrylic on canvas


60×80 cm

Artwork signed by the artist; certificate of authenticity by the artist


Mauro Falcioni was born in Matelica in 1978, always passionate about visual arts and illustration, he trained in web graphics without ever abandoning his true vocation: freehand drawing. His stylistic registers: from fantasy to more figurative representations, up to finding the most effective solutions in the surrealist key to express one’s gaze on the world. It is under this sign that his style matures over the years, translating the pencil marks from paper to canvas and giving his works a recognizable grammar, made up of recurring figures and scenarios imbued with meaning. His poetics: the dream and the lived moment take shape with the passage in the memory as with the creative act which, through the language used, outlines a difference between the work and the subject. This gap ends up being the constituent matter of the subject itself. The author represents this unbridgeable and, at the same time essential, discrepancy, using the psychoanalytic references of the Jungian tradition. The guide cat, inextricably linked to man like the kite to the child, because different images of the same self, refers to the concept of the Shadow, the darkest part of us that we are forced to tame in approaching reality. Every other relationship is present as a lack or as a hint aimed at formalizing the same: descending into the self, the author forces us to face loneliness-melancholy as an existential condition of man, his peculiarity of “falling out of the world”.