Fausto Teruzzi -Volto-

Fausto Teruzzi  (1958, Monza – Italy)


Oil and acrylic on canvas


40×40 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front; certificate of authenticity by gallery De Lauretis Art


Fausto Teruzzi was born in Monza in 1958, he began his artistic career at the early age of 16 as a modern figurative painter. He trained at the Monza Art Institute, at the Nude School of Bovisio Masciago, then a multi-year internship at the studio of master Cino Balleri, a pupil of Felisari. His works can be found in the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, England and France. “The painting of Fausto Teruzzi, a rainbow juggler, is an innate gift, on his canvases he projects what he perceives from the view of Venice, from a bloody field of poppies or from placid lake fantasies summarized in a rare compositional reality. He moves within the simple boundaries of time and nature, with never artificial colors and armed with emotions and feelings attentive to a reality full of great wonders. Ranging from landscapes to figures through his perspectives he manages to fragment and decompose a complex reality reducing it to a wonderful composition of colors and nature. In his paintings the expression often has the search for a specific chromatic vibration.”