Edmondo Giuliani -Jesi-

Edmondo Giuliani  (1915-2007, Jesi – Italy)


Watercolor on Fabriano paper


38×55 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front; certificate of authenticity signed by the gallerist



Edmondo Giuliani is the painter who brought painting among the people, he is always remembered among
the streets of the cities of the Marche region in the company of his easel, engaged in the creation
of some landscape views. His is an immense production: a full-time painter he exterminated around the Marche,
and outside the region, probably thousands of works in fifty years of production. For this and for
his refusal to any framing and constraint, it is impossible to trace his poetics to temporal and historical artistic references. In fact, during his life, he does not adhere to movements, trends, or currents in the artistic field, nor is his research conducted on predefined lines and cycles on the theoretical and / or stylistic or thematic level: in most of his works, both watercolors and oils, the boundary between figurative and non-figurative is really narrow, even in some paintings the two souls coexist, even though they are opposed in a violent way; while the subjects range from landscapes, to religious themes, to informal elements. He was born in 1915 in Jesi, and lives with his maternal grandparents. He occasionally attends
school until the third grade and begins drawing from the age of five. He emigrated to Argentina in 1929,
reaching his father who settled there. Meanwhile, he studied several languages, including Spanish,
French, English and German, cultivating self-taught painting.
In 1935 he returned to Italy to study and
devote himself to painting, entrusted to the private lessons of various masters. He has difficulty
finding a stable job, due to his opposition to the fascist regime, so he opens a small emporium,
where he sells his paintings and other goods to make ends meet. Meanwhile, he devoted himself to
the study of the history of art and to the outbreak of war he worked as a translator for the
Germans and later for the allies. From 1954 he began to participate in various competitions,
collective exhibitions, and ex tempore in the centers of the Marche region and outside,
obtaining various awards. In 1956 he sets up his first solo show, and exhibits in Milan,
Venice and Rome. In 1967 he exhibited at the Jesi city club for the Carnival party, with the singer Mina
as a guest, who bought three works by the artist and of which Giuliani painted a portrait as a tribute.
At the inauguration of a solo show in Ancona, Valeria Moriconi also buys a work. In 1975 he was awarded
the honor of Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica. In 1974, at the age of 59, he enrolled and graduated
from the art institute and later attended the sculpture course of Valerio Trubbiani at the Academy
of Fine Arts in Macerata, where he graduated with full marks. He was awarded the meritorious citizenship
for the great passion with which he dedicated himself to artistic activity, carried out with disinterest
and spontaneity, obtaining important awards at regional and national level, and which honors the name of
his hometown to which he is deeply linked bond of affection. In 2003 he outlined the face of Christ on a sheet of paper with the city of Jesi in the background:
this will be his last drawing. He died in 2007 at the Jesi hospital, after fighting for five years
against a degenerative motor disease that prevented him from painting.