Doc.LP -The Great Vibes Off Castreccioni-

Doc.Lp (1985, Italy)

“The Great Vibes Off Castreccioni”

Giclée on canvas, limited edition of 14


48×63,5 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front; certificate of authenticity by the artist


Born in 1985 and originally from Cingoli (Italy), Doc.LP(Paolo Lucaioli) is an artist currently living in Cork (Republic of Ireland). Strongly influenced by a wide variety of artists and techniques (from architecture to painting, from sculpture to street art), he has been able to create a very personal and unique style. The philosophy underlying his art is based on the idea that “the artist must take the observers outside of their comfort zone”, triggering their interpretative process. Strongly convinced that art is the most powerful means of communication, Doc.LP aims to “decompose, shuffle and re-assemble the elements of reality to create visual hyper-dreams”. These hyper-dreams represent an unconventional yet powerful language used to communicate with the observer, the main character and crux of his art. Simple lines, basic shapes vibrant colours and patterns of varying complexity are all harnessed to explore a wide range of themes: from emotions to daily situations from past experiences to dreams. The objective is that the viewer creates the inevitable link between the artwork and their own stories, thoughts, perceptions and personalities. Deeply interested in all forms of art, and strongly convinced that labelling is a limiting factor for artists, DOC.LP constantly challenges himself in breaking as many rules as possible to escape the routine, the common, the expected. As a result, elements typically associated to specific styles or techniques merge together in his artworks in an unprecedented fashion. This often leads to the creation of multidimensional compositions, through tromp l’oeil or realistic addition of recycled items, in line with his love for nature and the environment. Whether on paper or canvas, more figurative or totally abstract, his artworks represent a space for real freedom.

‘The Great Vibes Off Castreccioni’ is an artwork created in 2022 and dedicated to two places loved by the artist: Lake Castreccioni and Mount San Vicino (Marche, Italy). The artist alwys wanted to create a piece with these two subjects but he never rushed the creation of the artwork, since he aimed to the perfect combination of technique, approach, colours and composition. The inspiration arrived thanks to a book about Japanese woodblock prints. Despite the clear reference to one of Hokusai’s most known masterpiece, the artist wanted to give a “Doc.LP touch” using his distinguishing patterns and lines.