Diana Kirova -Roma-

Diana Kirova (1962, Bulgaria)


watercolor on paper


12×24 cm

Artwork signed by the artist; certificate of authenticity by the gallery De Lauretis Art


Diana Kirova was born in Sofia in Bulgaria and has lived and worked in Rome since 1992. Painting has always been her love suffocated by an Eastern reality, where they taught that “art doesn’t feed you” and pushed by her father to study in logic and mathematics she graduated in Engineering in the city of origin and as a result she also qualified in Italy in 2004. Her artistic career is a continuous take and leave starting from the age of 7 when she is taken to paint at the Castle of the Pioneers in Sofia, a place for children gifted for art. After two years of attendance she is forced to leave to leave with her family abroad. On her return she secretly starts taking drawing lessons from the Arch. Susi Aronova to prepare to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Her father insists on her logic subjects.She graduates in Hydraulic Engineering in 1988. She gets married and remains to live in Rome. Her love for her art makes her enroll in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1996. Unfortunately she is unable to graduate due to maternity leave. She made her last desperate attempt in 2008 by enrolling in the Celeste Prize Competition where she entered the 20 finalist painters with the work “To be or not to be”. From that moment Diana Kirova begins to elbow her way, confronting others and exposing herself to the public, knowing that she is her last chance to do what she cared about painting as a child. In a short time, until today, she has numerous participations in national events and awards. Of the most important major solo exhibitions of her can be named: Kerr Village Art Gallery in Canada; ABC Art Gallery, Rome; M.C.Art Gallery, Civitavecchia (RM); “Il Tinello Borghese” Civic Museum, Monte Compatri; Azimut Capital Management SGR, Rome; Orler Gallery, Punta Ala; SC-Gallery, Rome; Elsa Morante Cultural Center, Rome; La Bitta Art Center, Rome.