Daniele Teobaldelli -Passeggiata-

Daniele Teobaldelli (1949, Macerata – Italy)


Oil on canvas


30×40 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front and back; certificate of authenticity by the gallery De Lauretis Art


Daniele Teobaldelli was born in 1949; since the 1980s the artist has devoted himself to the study of the Italian Classics, then to the study of the Impressionists and Cubism. His painting turned towards a Realism expressed through nude paintings, portraits, still lifes. He paints landscapes of Italian and Greek glimpses, free compositions of mythological and fantastic themes. His work is characterized by the influences of classical art and the suggestions of primitive art. Teobaldelli has often exhibited in Italy, but with great frequency and success with the public he has held exhibitions in Greece where he has lived for a long time.With his works he tries to capture the essence of reality going beyond superficiality: matter is represented in its eternity and continuity. Starting from the impressionist lesson, his personal artistic philosophy matures which leads him to paint the world not filtered by the subjectivity of the 5 senses but in its essentiality. His works capture this essentiality of reality, reasoning on the theme of color and the pictorial stroke.