Cristina Patti -Groviglio di passioni-

Cristina Patti (1982, Palermo – Italy)

“Groviglio di passioni”

Oil and acrylic on canvas


30×60 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front and back; certificate of authenticity by gallery De Lauretis Art


Cristina Patti, aka Crista, was born in Palermo in 1982 where she lives and works as a painter, jewelry designer and art teacher. In 2004 she graduated from the Picasso Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo with full marks and honors, supporting the thesis entitled “Psiche e sentimento”. Subsequently you become an expert in engraving techniques. Just the psyche and feelings will be the fulcrum around which her pictorial works will develop. The leitmotif of her paintings is the figure drawn in plastic, fluid, dreamlike poses, permeated by an evocative sensuality. The favorite themes are Greek myths but also the dream in which kindred souls meet and merge into a cosmic unicum. The artist imprints the motions of the human soul on the canvas, abstract feelings which on the canvas take on the appearance of bodies now tangled and now floating in a perpetual dance in a space without time and dimension. The influences of Greek art as well as that of the artists of the Viennese secession, the post-impressionists and the Italian twentieth century come together in a new graphic and pictorial style that makes the artist recognizable and unique in her stylistic research. The artist has exhibited in major Italian cities and also abroad.