ClitorossoDr -Oratus #14-

ClitorossoDr (1977, Terlizzi – Italy)

“Oratus #14”

Mixed media on canvas


40×40 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on the back; certificate of authenticity by the artist


ClitorossoDr, Daniela Raffaele, was born in Terlizzi in 1977. She graduated in Applied Wood Art in 1996 at the Corato Art Institute; she is the owner of the ClitoRosso Art Gallery in Ruvo di Puglia. She participates in numerous national and international exhibitions, competitions and organize cultural, artistic events and social awareness flashmobs. “A transfiguration of reality into another dimension, attributable in pictorial terms to the abstract, is the one operated by Daniela Raffaele in art Clitorosso. Hers is a broad painting, which speaks more for energy and chromatic contrasts than for formal description. On the canvas she composes interrupted architectural scenarios in which lines and colors become plastic forms and the original nucleus of spatial motifs. The construction of the figurative field becomes a mental operation in her works, which is achieved by superimposing several levels of color, where the painting emerges from the background determining different depths and alluding to interior perspective horizons. This is confirmed by the imperfect urban vision proposed in the “Città Liquide” collection, in which the artist expresses, with a quick and sharp touch and juxtaposed colours, an ideal tension that goes beyond the pure and simple enjoyment of a landscape to become a message of anxieties and strong emotions. The perspective system, always present, is betrayed by the multiplication of straight lines out of place. Even the colours, reduced to a few, chastened shades, are shattered into rough backgrounds escaping figuration and recognizability and expressively connoting the entire composition.” (Critical text by Carmelo Cipriani)