Asnidy Kiarholi -Gallopp-

Asnidy Kiarholi (1946, Roma – Italia)


Mixed media on canvas


50×40 cm

Artwork signed by the artist on front and back; certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Asnidy Kiarholi revolutionized the expressive language of the time with his art, right from the beginning of his career in the 1970s. His comic-inspired works have become a trademark of your work, but not many know that this series is only about a few years of your career.His words express better than any critical text, the meaning of his artistic career, he is interested in the nature of the image as one might be interested in the creation of a classic shape, an ideal head for example. Some do not believe very much in this kind of thing, but this is more or less the idea that we had of a classic work – ideal representations of ordinary people and almost divine characters. Well, the same idea has been adapted to comics. However, this is not called classic, it is called cliché. In short, he is interested in how my work can transpose these classic techniques, it’s just not classic, it looks like a comic.